Concert at Nicholas Roerich Museum

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.55.12 PM

Happy Valentine’s Day! I took this screen grab from my Facebook page. Pianists Jai Jeffryes and Geoffrey Burleson appeared at the Nicholas Roerich Museum to perform selections from Jai’s new CD, Tangent Shores – Amethyst and music of Burleson, Rakowski, and Antheil.

My painting “Submerge/Emerge” was chosen for the CD cover. See previous post for details.


Tangent Shores – Amethyst

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog. Been focusing on my painting-a-day project for the past several months. Last year, a friend talked me into posting my artwork on Instagram. I was reluctant initially, but found it to be a great resource/virtual art gallery. I met artists from around the world as a result. It’s been a great tool for selling my paintings.

A few months ago, I was approached by a talented musician friend, Jai Jeffryes. He was interested in using the image of one of my daily paintings as the CD cover for his forthcoming album, entitled Amethyst. I told him it would be an honor. His crowdfunding campaign for the recording and release of his CD was a resounding success. You can read about here:

My painting below entitled “Submerge/Emerge” was chosen for the cover. You can see it’s a perfect fit with graphics added.



Buddy and the Cows

My sister and her husband travel to Scotland frequently. My brother-in-law is from there. They always stay with a close friend and his wife in their beautiful home set on a loch. During a recent trip, Buddy the dog was a houseguest as well. He appeared in many of the vacation photos. One series taken at Spynie Castle compelled me to re-create the scene in watercolor.



Buddy and the cows appear to be captivated by one another.


Lucy and Teddy

Completed these two commissions. Lucy (top image) has a great smile. Teddy (bottom) is more soulful. These images are also posted on the company website I co-founded with long-time friend, Barbara Stanley at  Visit our page, and send us some feedback!

Lucy Teddy

Work in Progress

This pencil sketch was a joy to do. Look at that happy, adorable face? It almost drew itself!


Starting to add light washes of color. Beautfiul tints. Will continue to add layers of color. I have a good feeling about this one.





I Am Mo

I teach adult and children’s art classes. It’s a delight working with them to unlock their imaginative/creative selves. They inspire my own art practice. I just completed a commission for the parents of one of my students. Had the pleasure of meeting Mo in person last weekend. He has a lovely human family!


I Am Mo

Behold the awesomeness of Mo.


Buddy Sketch

This is a recent commission of Buddy, an adorable little guy from Scotland. PetPortraitsCoast2Coast is now international.

5"x7" watercolor on paper


The portrait of Buddy was mailed to Scotland this week. I was happy with the finished piece. I like to keep my brushstrokes loose and immediate, so the background is a stylized reference of a wooded area that Buddy had taken a walk in. The green tones didn’t photograph or scan true to the original painting. The digital image appears more yellow. This is a common issue when photographing art and viewing on a computer monitor. Nine times out of ten, the original looks better, as in this work.